1 And 1 Green Web Hosting

1 & 1 Web Hosting – In 1998, 1&1 started off as one of the few energy efficient web hosting companies in the UK and Europe. By 2003, they expanded their market to US and Canada by opening a North American division. Today, they are of one of the leading green web hosting companies with a global community of more than 10 million customer contracts.

Ever since they opened their first data center, 1&1 has been making use of highly efficient power supplies and at present, their combined global centers prevent 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year thus making these data centers few of the most energy efficient centers. They extend their services as being green hosts by incorporating paperless bills for their customers and replacing their welcome packages with electronic forms.  At a corporate level, 1&1 participates in the community-recycling program and makes use of environmentally friendly radiant heating and cooling in offices. They also go to the extent of encouraging their employees to make use of public transportation for commuting. The Kansas center of 1&1 has purchased the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to offset 100% of the energy usage which is enough clean energy to power 300 US homes for a year! Green-e, a leading US voluntary certification program for renewable energy certifies that their renewable energy meets environmental and consumer protection standards and powers the data centers of 1&1 and BEF with clean and renewable energy.

1&1 also provides ‘1&1 green’ logos for their customers to put on their websites to show that being green matters.

But what is most credible about 1&1 is that apart from their impressive dedication of being green, they also manage to provide successful hosting in Linux/Unix and Microsoft Windows/NT based options with no change in price. Their prices for dedicated server hosting begin as cheap as $3.99 per domain per year while their packages, where one can get 1 to 5 domains begin at $2.99 per month and the highest one, with unlimited space, is for $9.99 per month. Moreover, they do not charge anything extra for private domain registration unlike many other web hosting websites. These plans provide 10GB of web space and 1,200GB of monthly transfer volume.

While only the Microsoft Home Package supports the basic Active Server Pages (ASP) web based application, MS Access database is supported by all 1&1 Microsoft plans and Microsoft Business and Developer packages go on to support AP.NET 2.0 frameworks as well.

In conclusion, not only is this web host green, but 1&1 have a plan or a package catering to any kind of option- whether Linux based, or Microsoft based; whether one page or multiple page- and light on the pocket of the consumer too.

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