Top 10 Best Computer Magazines for Every Computer Enthusiasts

Computer Enthusiasts

Computer enthusiasts have this strong desire to be updated in the latest innovation to facebook likes kaufen by computer technology. Since technology is constantly evolving, reading blogs, watching videos and reviews, and reading magazines are a must for them.

Computers need to adapt to the latest development in the world today. If you want to stay up to date, here’s are the best magazines for computer geeks like you:

  • Maximum PC

Maximum PC is both available in digital and printed format. You can buy them at Amazon. This magazine is specially tailored for pro, and not a newbie. For this reason, newbies may find it hard to understand this magazine at first.

Inside you’ll see amazing project guides, honest review for computer hardware, tweaking tips, and a lot more. If you are undecided about buying this one, you can check Maximum PC’s website to check their magazine’s preview.

  • T3

T3 is one of the oldest magazines that is still patronized by many today. In their launch in 1996, the magazine was called Tomorrow’s Technology Today. This material carries the topic on the latest gadget, technology news, and of course, gadget reviews.

  • 2600

This magazine is famous among geeks who are interested in hacking, privacy issues, and security. It is a guide for everyone who wants to be educated on the underground of computers. Being in technology magazine since 1894, you are certain of the quality of the news and updates they offer.

  • Make

For those who love DIY technology, Make is number 1 on that topic. Make offers tutorials on how to repair and make new technology. Do you have a storage room full of computer hardware or broken computers at home? Let Make be your guide to make them useful again.

  • NETb

For graphic designers, software, and web developers, this is the magazine you would love to read. NET offers the latest trend in graphic design, coding tutorials, and a plethora of technology news. They publish monthly; hence, you know that you are always in the loop.

  • The Linux Journal

The Linux Journal is the type of magazine that your computer geek self would be satisfied with. This magazine caters to topics on both the basics and in-depth issues on technology. The company always works hard to focus on a theme they would tackle each month. They offer desktop, security, mobile, sysadmin topics, and many more.

  • MacLife

For Apple and Mac fans, this is the magazine that you would love to read. You wanted to know the latest model the Apple company will introduce this year? Get your MacLife copy and get the best out of your Apple products.

  • Computerworld

Computerworld is famous for technology news and computer reviews. It is like the Facebook of computer magazines. They are in business for quite some time, but in 2014, they stopped publishing printed material and went digital. Even so, many computer geeks find this magazine reliable and fun to read.

  • Wired

Wired is the number one source of technology with economic, business, and political topics on the side. From the latest computer trend to driverless cars, this magazine will satisfy the curiosity in you. Wired publishes their magazine every month.

  • CNET

CNET is not your typical computer magazine. It does not only tackle the latest trend in technology but also features the people behind it. This can be your inspirational and motivational reference to continue with your passion for technology.


No computer is perfect. Hence, we need to educate ourselves from time to time. Your source of learning should not be limited to the classroom alone. There are a lot of sources where you can gain your knowledge of computers. Certainly, these famous computer magazines will also satisfy the computer geek in you.

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