Fortnite: How to play on your PC


In the list of the most popular battle royale games, Fortnite and current item shop is one at the top. Its biggest advantage is that it’s free to play for gamers of all ages. Did you know that it is also playable on PC? That’s right! Fortnite is not only for XBOX, Playstation, or Nintendo consoles or any smartphones. You can acquire the software for the game at its official website.

Epic Games is the official company and distributor of Fortnite. You can download the game by making a free account on their website. But before that, you need to download the client software to install the game. Here’s a step by step guide on the installation process:

Look for the Sign In button on the upper right corner of the website. There, you can create your personal and free account for Epic Games.

After entering your password and username, you may now proceed to download the store client. It’s much like the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. The advantage of downloading this is that you have more access to their other free games.

Follow the installation prompts for downloading. Save/Run/Download, option prompts depend on the operating system you are using on your computer.

When the client is installed, you will be asked to log in with the username and password you registered just a while ago. It’s also worth suggesting to create a shortcut of the app on your desktop for easy access when you decide to play again.

Then, it’s time to type Fortnite on the search bar and download it by clicking on the word “Get” or adding it to your library. When it starts installing, just leave it be. It will surely take a while before it can be used due to its large file size which is currently at around 80GB as of May 2020. It might be larger now due to new updates and all.

Once you’re sure that the game is downloaded and installed, you may find it on your library on the left side of the application screen. From there, you may launch the game by clicking on the icon.

Now you are ready to immerse yourself in the world of Fortnite. Once you are in the game, it would be useful and gamer-friendly to adjust settings according to what suits your playing conditions such as in terms of the quality of the graphics, sensitivity of the mouse or keyboard, choose skins, etc. To do this, you can find the Settings tab on the main menu and you may or may not click on each submenu, whichever you prefer. After adjusting the technicalities, you may now get back to the main screen and start on the adventure.

See how easy it is? For some, playing on the PC might need some adjusting especially if you’re used to playing on a console with a controller. But, gamers who are used to playing other popular PC Games on the list would find it easier to play through. You can also find lots of beginner tips and tricks on Youtube.


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