Upload your Instagram Pics from your PC in 2 Easy Ways

Upload your Instagram Pics

We can’t exactly be divorced from our smartphones in this day and age, but sometimes, being able to access instagram private profile viewer through every kind of gadget becomes essential. In fact, you’re probably wondered why you can access your Instagram account through your PC and laptops, but somehow could not upload any content. Annoying as that may seem, do not be deterred. We’re here to help.

In the process of uploading your images to Instagram through your PC, you can make use of our guide split to two methods you can choose from – both of which are unbelievably easy to do on your own. They are as follows:

Option 1: Vivaldi

If you haven’t heard of Vivaldi, you’re missing out on something innovative. Vivaldi functions as a web browser you can customize once downloaded and installed. Another key thing it can allow you to do is to upload your pictures since it can run a mobile version of Instagram through a web panel.

Follow these simple steps for this method:

Download Vivaldi.

Install the browser.

Run it through a wizard.

Set the preferred framework and import your bookmarks.

An alternative option would be to skip everything and put settings on default.

Key in the URL for Instagram.

Create a web panel by clicking the plus icon (located on the left side of the screen).

Once you’ve successfully done these steps, a mobile version of the website will appear in a sidebar and will be there for your usage.

Option 2: BlueStacks App Player

Another effective way of uploading on Instagram is by way of an Android emulator application that will allow you to run Android apps on your PC. The BlueStacks App Player enables this process after you install the app into the emulator so you can navigate Instagram through it.

The steps of this method are as follows:

Download and install the BlueStacks App Player.

Allow the emulator some time to start.

You can cancel the tutorial presented at the beginning.

Set the language to English, or whichever you prefer.

Log in to your email, preferably your Google account.

Install Instagram through the emulator’s version of the Google Play Store.

Click to launch the application.

Once these are done right and in order, you can start uploading your images without having to use your smartphones. Just be reminded that BlueStacks changes the shape and size of a usually vertically – oriented phone screen.

Now that we’ve got that all covered, we have to say that these methods have helped us in many ways, especially when all our work involves using our laptops and PCs and we can’t manage to tinker with our phones every now and then. Versatile, effective, and efficient, these ways are quite clever, and you might even be surprised how much easier your work will be, now that you don’t have to switch from one gadget to another. We hope this has been of help!

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