Top 10 Electric Motor Scooters for Adults In 2019

Electric Motor Scooters

Electric scooters are affordable, carbon footprint-free, and a fun way to commute over short distances. Modern-day scooters have a powerful battery system and motor, which lets you ride for longer miles at higher speeds. The electric scooter Ireland store manufacturers fit in various features into their products, making them suitable for specific generations, and here are the top best scooters for adults in 2019.

1.)        GoTrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter

The GoTrax GXL motorized scooter has a powerful battery pack that lets you enjoy a smooth ride for 12 miles before it dies off. It’s customized to run at a maximum speed of 15.5 miles every hour and has a charge rate of 4 hours maximum. Its disc and electric brakes are hybrid and hand-operated while the baseboard and rear fender are reinforced to offer optimal durability.

2.)        Razor EcoSmart Metro

The Razor EcoSmart Metro is a smart and high-end motor-powered scooter running on a 500 motor wattage. The scooter has an optimal charging time of 12 hours, which can last you for 10 miles while riding at a speed of 18 miles per hour. EcoSmart Metro scooter is highlighted by a stylish and pragmatism touch, adjustable seat, sleek bamboo deck, and detachable luggage carrier.

3.)        Glion Dolly Foldable E-Scooter

Get this 136 volts lithium battery-powered scooter with 250 watts brushless hub motor to enjoy up to 3.5 hours of rides at a maximum speed of 15 mph for up to 15 miles. The aircraft-grade frame, powder-coated aluminum, and honeycomb interior designed tires make your ride more enjoyable and fun regardless of the roads you pass through.

4.)        Segway Ninebot ES4 Sleek Scooter

Sleekness, stylishness, and performance are the exact characteristics of Ninebot ES4 scoot. It runs on lithium-ion batteries with a wattage of 800, which allows you to enjoy speedy rides at 19 mph for up to 28 miles on a single charge.

5.)        Vokul LUX Big Wheel Scooter

Suitable for rough, smooth, and bumpy roads, the Vokul LUX Big Wheel combines excellent design and performance. It’s light in weight and runs at high speeds to let you enjoy your rides more.

6.)        Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite

Enjoy faster rides at 18 mph with the affordable Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite scooter. Its 250-watt motor combined with collapsible chassis and lightweight body design will make your rides fun-oriented. The scooter’s battery is potent enough to last you for 10 miles on a single charge.

7.)        Gigabyke Groove

Maneuver steep hills and bumpy roads in style with the powerful and stylish Gigabyke scooter. The bike has a 750-watt motor that lets you ride for speeds of up to 20 miles an hour.  The 48v 14AH silicon lead-acid battery charges fully in six hours and can last you for 3.5 hours.

8.)        Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Classy in design and excellent in performance, Xiaomi Mi electric scooter is a favorite of many adults. It’s big and heavy enough to offer stable rides at top speed of 15.5 mph. Its battery charges in 5 hours and can last you for 18.6 miles maximum.

9.)        Razor E300

Streamline your daily commute with the razor E300, which packs a powerful battery and motor system. The scooter can speed up to 15.5 mph for about 40 minutes before the battery is totally drained.

 10.) UberScoot 1600W 48V Electric Scooter

End your 2019 in style with the UberScoot 1600W 48V Electric Scooter, which charges fully in 6 hours and can ride you for 12 miles at a maximum speed of 20 mph. Its awesome design and features will really woo you regardless of your tastes.

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