How to Connect a Portable Speaker to a Computer?

Portable Speaker to a Computer

A portable speaker from TL Dev Tech is a handy feature to have with you. With a wireless Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to sounds without having to use any long wires to attach it. It is convenient for you when you want a comfortable music listening, video streaming, or gaming experience. This guide will show you how to connect a portable speaker to a computer, specifically for Windows 10.

  • Steps to connect Bluetooth speaker in Windows 10
  • Open the Settings menu and select “Devices.” It is suggested to use the new Settings app introduced in Windows 8 and not in the Control Panel.
  • Once you enter the Devices menu, select the Bluetooth tab to the left. Toggle Bluetooth if you have already turned it on.
  • When you have your Bluetooth speaker with you, turn it on and set it to pairing mode. To pair, go to the Action Center and select Connect.
  • Follow any instructions that would appear. Each Bluetooth speaker has its own manual that provides additional details on how to pair the device to your computer.
  • Return to the Bluetooth menu on your computer when you have finished pairing and wait to see if your device is on the list of discovered devices.
  • When you have found your device, click it and then click on pair. There are situations where you will need to input a number to complete the process, though not often.
  • Once it is connected, all the audio from your computer will be transferred to your Bluetooth speaker.

You can toggle the volume on your Windows 10 if you do not seem to hear any audio from your speaker. To make sure that your speaker is always set for audio, go and right-click the volume icon that is found on the bottom right side of the screen. Look for Default Playback device and select your speaker device from the list shown. Click “Set Default,” and you will be able to consistently receive sound from your Bluetooth Speaker.

You may also need to restart your computer or some apps in order to see the changes applied. This has been the case for apps like iTunes and Spotify as well as PC games with high-quality volume settings.


Some models can work to not only give you a convenient listening experience, but they host a number of features that improve the experience. The UE Boom 3, for example, is waterproof and dust-proof. It does not distort at high volumes is quite handy overall.

If you are going for inexpensive options, you can try the Tribit XSound Go, which is also waterproof and can last you 20 hours without needing to charge. The Bose Soundlink Revolve has a 360-degree sound feature that can cover an entire room. If you aim to have good sound quality, the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless is the right fit for you.

Whatever your choice is, you will need to read through the manual to know how to set up your speaker to your computer. With this, you can enjoy a great soundscape with a convenient Bluetooth speaker.

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