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If you’re a freelancer or an upcoming one, you might have realized that being your boss does not necessarily mean you will have a lot of time to spare. In fact, you will realize time is your best resource. There are plenty of times when freelancers wish that a day can have more extra hours or that all Webology hosting sservices are automatic.

Since freelancers use more mind than muscles, time management is critical to make ends meet. If you do not plan your work well, you will either end up being inefficient or get a burnout. On the other hand, when you plan your work and master time management skills, you will earn more and enjoy doing it.

That said, below are some of the most popular time management tools every freelancer should have.


Evehour is the best lightweight app to track time. Since it is a web app, you can easily integrate it with your coworkers. It also works well as an extension to your browser.  If you are the sort of person who forgets the time when engrossed on your work at hand, this can be a huge lifesaver.

If you are working as a team and feel that some of your people are underperforming, this could definitely help you. With this, you can quickly know who is doing what at any given time, allowing you to assign tasks as soon as they are available.

Due Time Tracking

Since time is the most critical resource in freelancing, it follows that how you manage time will dictate how much you will take home. If you find it self-defeating to spend time on a time-saving app, consider getting Due Time Tracking, and you won’t need to spend time trying to save time.

Due Time Tracking is an automatic time management tool. This tool ensures that web services are processed in real-time and comes with easy-to-understand reports so that you can realize what activities are taking the most of your time. If you get used to this app, you will do away with activities which do not add value.


Majority of freelancers work alone, and their budget cannot allow them to hire someone to help. It is then vital for them to have a digital PA. Harvest is one of the best apps you should have if you want to keep track of your expenses. It will also aid you to create invoices. Since this app is available on the Android platform, you can easily do it in the convenience of your smartphone.


TopTracker is a multitasking tool which allows you to easily track time, take screenshots, and even webcam shots. This makes it ideal for freelancers who are paid per time spent.  TopTracker is available on Windows, Linux and mobile devices.

Bottom Line

Freelancers value time more than anything else. If you’re one, it is, therefore, crucial to have an app which will aid you to manage your time well. Since more time saved means more money, these time management tools are a must-have as they allow you to make you work more efficiently.

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