Rise of Kingdoms: What You Need to Know About this Strategy Game

Rise of Kingdoms

With over millions of PC Games downloads worldwide, the Rise of Kingdoms has definitely made its name in the mobile games industry. But before you dive in and start playing Rise of Kingdoms, here are a few things you should know about this modern strategy game.

The User Interface

Majority of gamers these days take graphics and UI as some of the major considerations when choosing a new game to play. The Rise of Kingdom’s UI and graphics is something that will not disappoint you. Everything from the buildings down to the characters is well-crafted in great detail. The Rise of Kingdoms is basically based on a giant map which players can zoom in on each city.

Game Mechanics

In this game, you basically act as a governor who is responsible for building a city. You can build a successful city by gathering resources and by building and upgrading structures.

Your Troops play a vital role; they defend and protect your city, collect items found in the map, and they also attack other cities.

There are 8 civilizations to pick from, and you have to choose 1 to start with. Additionally, there are also 20 heroes and various game modes including Expedition and PVP mode, which makes this game even more interesting.

The Resources

Resources play a pivotal role in your city’s progress. In this game, there are three basic types of resources: food, wood, and stone. Majority of the tasks such as training troops, buildings upgrade, and conducting research all require resources. The Farm, Quarry, and Lumber Mill are the three buildings that generate resources. Moreover, you may also earn resources from logging camps, croplands, and stone deposits.

The Types of Buildings

There are two major types of buildings: Military and Economic. The city hall serves as the heart of the city. The Economic class includes buildings like a quarry, gold mine, lumber mill, storage, and academy. On the other hand, military class, as you can tell by the name, consists of barracks, stable, archery range, scout camp, tavern, a siege workshop, and a hospital.

The Commanders

Commanders are the ones that lead their troops to battles or for gathering resources. Additionally, commanders may also be assigned to the wall in order to defend the city. What makes this game even more impressive is that you can call upon a handful of historical figures such as Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu to help defeat enemies. Each commander has his own unique abilities that can be used during battles, making this game unique and exciting.


You can use gems to speed up tasks such as training troops or upgrading buildings. Although gems make everything easier on your end, it is not smart to use it all at once as you might need in the future.

To get more gems, you may purchase it by using actual currency. However, if you don’t want to spend a few dollars, you can still earn gems by sending your troops on the hunt for “a pile of gems,” which you can unveil on the map.


Now that you’ve already got an idea of this fun-filled strategy game, the next best thing to do is to immerse yourself in the top-notch gaming experience the Rise of Kingdoms can offer.

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