Best Security Cameras for Small Businesses

Security Cameras for Small Businesses

No matter how small your business is, it’s impossible to keep an eye on everything that is going on around you. Luckily, with all the developments in technology today, feeling secure about your business as you go about your day is now much easier to achieve. In this article, JustHomeImprove give you a list of security cameras perfect for your small business.

NETGEAR Arlo Q for Indoor Night Vision

Make the most of your indoors camera with Arlo Q. This camera can record everything in pitch dark with its 1080p resolution and its wide 130-degree field of view. Worrying about backup storage won’t be a problem as this package comes with free cloud storage that can save up to a week’s worth of your recordings. Its compatibility with voice-command gadgets makes it easy to manage.

ZOSI Outdoor Camera Package

For a reasonable price, you can feel more secure with ZOSI’s surveillance package. This package comes with a comprehensive digital video recorder compatible with different camera models. While the basic package only comes with four outdoor cameras, the DVR can support up to eight cameras to ensure your safety. All their cameras can withstand bad weather and are triggered by motion, so you can save space while feeling secure. You can also access the system using any device, and it works well with USB for easy backup.

Blink XT Wireless Camera System

Although this package only includes three cameras, rest assured that this security system is perfect for any size of business as it can connect up to ten cameras. Each outdoor camera is weatherproof and has the capability to detect motion. You also don’t have to worry about storage as it comes with free cloud storage and a mobile phone app that will instantly send notifications. With 1080p recording and two years’ worth of battery life in each camera, this package is truly worth every cent.

Canary View for Indoor Security

With its intelligent features, the Canary View is a smart choice for any kind of business. Aside from its 1080p quality, this indoor camera has zooming and panning capabilities, even in the dark. It comes with a handy app on your mobile phone which allows you to manage your security and see everything that’s happening on your business even when you’re away. In this app, you can easily turn on or off your security system manually or set a schedule for it. It also has a privacy mode and a talkback feature which allows you to correspond with the people observed by the camera.

Spy Tec Zetta Z12 Camcorder

If you prefer something discreet, this small device with the size of a credit card is the right one for you. You can keep it hidden, just make sure its lens isn’t blocked. Aside from motion, it’s also triggered by voice or vibration. While it doesn’t work well in the dark, this device can record with low lighting.

With the wide range of security cameras available in the market, it’s difficult to just pick one especially since it’s the security of your business that is at stake. Hopefully, with this short list, we can help you make the right choice for your small business.

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