5 Computer Habits You Should Let Go

Computer Habits

Computers have been a significant part of the lives of people nowadays. These devices have been the medium for work, communication, and education. Thus, they play a vital role as they make life more convenient. However, as good as they are, they can also make life frustrating and miserable, especially when users have no idea how to take good care of them. Check out this list of the usual bad habits when working with a computer; and if you are guilty, there are also ways on how to ditch them.

Eating in Front of Your Computer

Work-savvy people tend to spend most of their time in front of the computer. Most of the time, they also make this space as their dining table. If you are guilty of doing this, then it is time to break the routine. Your computer and its accessories are home to various bacteria that may pose risks to your health and hygiene. On another note, your computer is also exposed to the risk of being damaged as you may spill your food, coffee, or water on it.

Being too Lazy to Restart Your Computer

You’re done with your day’s work or you need to get away from your computer to take a break, so you just close your laptop’s lid or put your computer to sleep mode. You have to know that computers also need to take a rest from time to time. If your computer is acting up or running slowly, then this is the right time to reboot it for a while.

Using Multiple Programs at Once

Your computer will slow down when its system is distributed to numerous functions of several programs opened at the same time. When the system’s limit has been reached, you may experience various problems on your computer like a frozen system, slow reboots, and even serious hard drive damages. In the end, prioritize and schedule tasks on your computer and launch one or few programs at a time.

Using Only One Password for all Accounts

If you’re the person who tends to forget things easily, then most likely you will stick to one password and use it on all of your accounts, including your computer. If you’re doing this, then you’re giving hackers a feast. In order to avoid this, you may think of at least three passwords, each varying on strength and use. Use a stronger one if you want to protect sensitive information such as your bank accounts, and a standard one for other accounts such as websites and blogs.

Letting Unused Plugins and Apps Stay

If you haven’t utilized an app or program on your computer for quite a long time, then it’s time to uninstall it. Not only will it take up space on your storage, it will also take a fair share of your computer’s resources. As a result, it can help slow down other important functions. Therefore, it’s best to uninstall these apps and plugins and declutter your computer once in a while.

Treat your computer as your colleague; a fair give-and-take to the needs of each other will lead to a more systematic and harmonious working atmosphere. Boost your creativity and productivity by taking a break from these bad habits.

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