Best YouTube Converter You Can Use for Free

Who doesn’t love YouTube converter to download videos on YouTube? If we’re going to be honest, most people spend hours on YouTube watching one video after another. It has so much content and a vast array of topics that it’s impossible to view all the videos it contains. Having said that, despite the numerous and various videos it offers, some people still go back to the same video and rewatch it a thousand times, figuratively, of course.

While YouTube itself has its own download feature, the videos you download cannot be transferred anywhere. The only difference is that you can watch them without the Internet. What if you want to watch it on your big-screen television? Or, what if you want to download and listen to the songs that you cannot seem to find anywhere else? Don’t fret! Here, are YouTube converters where you can download videos from YouTube, convert them even – all for free.

4K Video Downloader


No ads

  • Can convert until 4k of resolution
  • Has subtitles
  • Supports a lot of popular sites for video
  • Easy to use


  • The file format choices are fewer than others.

4K Video Downloader is most people’s first choice. Its biggest advantage over others is that it doesn’t flash ads like the other free programs do. The resolution can also be as high as 4K, which is a big plus. If you’re a big fan of subtitles, you’d be happy to know that this converter can convert your videos with subtitles. It’s also very easy to use as it’s not complicated, and it can support various video sites. The only downside is that the file format you want to use after converting the video may not be available as it has few options for the file format.

Any Video Converter Free


  • Can convert clips from any kind of source
  • Clear interface


  • Need to download other software

Any Video Converter Free is literally like its name. It can convert videos from any source. The interface is also a big plus as it is very easy to use. The options are also varied so that it will enable you to do a lot with your video. The disadvantage here is that you will need to install other kinds of software to actually use this converter. You can go around it, though, by clicking the “Click here to customize the installation” option.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter


  • Very user-friendly
  • Great interface


  • Has ads

This is a good converter especially if your main purpose is to convert the videos on YouTube to mp3’s. It’s very easy to use. You can also line up the links that you want to convert so that it’s not a hassle to convert them one by one. The disadvantage here is that it contains ads, which can be irritating.

Other Converters Worth Mentioning

Free YouTube Download

  • Can support HD videos
  • Can only download one at a time

YTD Downloader

  • Can be a converter and a player
  • Contains editing tools
  • Requires installation of another software


As you can tell, all these converters have their pros and cons. When choosing, just take the one that has most of your wants.

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