High-Tech Cannabis Gadgets for Savvy Users

Cannabis Gadgets

The 21st century came with advanced technologies that have never been seen before. The cannabis industry has not been left behind in this advancement. There has been a development from rolling joints using hands to more high-tech gadgets. Below is a list from AmberCbd.net of some of the high-tech cannabis gadgets for savvy users.

The technology is changing and so are the gadgets in the cannabis industry. Just like CBD Oil, cannabis gadgets are very valuable.

The Otto

This gadget is both a grinder and a rolling machine. It was developed by Banana Bros. It can roll up to 30 joints in one round. This gadget is spill-proof and odor-proof, so it’s very suitable for use while on the go. This gadget goes for $129.99.

Puffco Peak

This device looks like something from the future. It has a super sleek design that looks very techy. This gadget has a temperature calibration and unique heat setting, and it comes with a torch. The Puffco Peak is 7-inches tall, which makes it very compact. Puffco developed this gadget, and it goes for $379.99.

Nova Decarboxylator

This gadget by Ardent Cannabis is the number one tech gadget for any dabber. Its main function is to decarboxylate your weed. It takes a couple of hours to get pure weed. This means that you can turn on the machine and then go about your normal errands. When you return home, you are greeted with fresh cannabis. The price of this gadget it $210.

420 Scope

This gadget gives the best visuals for the cannabis concentrates and their flower. It has a 20-800 X magnification to check for moulds or to spot out any trichomes or maybe just to admire the plant. In addition, it also has a built-in camera. This gadget delivers a stunning imagery in addition to a peace of mind. This gadget goes for $99.99.

Super Surfer Vaporizer

This is a desktop vaporizer and so much more. This gadget was designed by 7th Floor Vapes. It has a built-in fan, a glass vapour bag bowl and ceramic flavour disks. The LED light can be changed to suit your mood. This gadget goes for $ 500.

Hydrology 9

This gadget is both a vaporizer and a half bong. It has a unique filtration design that gives your weed an extra smooth hit. Cloudacious9 designed this gadget, and it goes for $250.

7 Pipe Pro

For the classic pipe lovers, this is the ultimate gadget. The gadget comes in a variety of colours depending on your preferences. It was specifically created to a simple smoke session. It also takes only one click to light. This gadget by Vapour Store can be called a mega lighter. It goes for $ 74.95.

Above is just list of some of the few high-tech cannabis gadgets that are available in the market today. There are still more on the way, so keep your eyes open.

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