Mobile Job Search: Finding A Job Using Craigslist

Officially known as, Craigslist is a widely-distributed, enormous, free online classifieds website and is among the most famous websites around the world. Craigslist provides two crucial advantages for job seekers which include:

  • Craigslist and their website’s tool is a good gold mine in case you are looking for a job opportunity with a small local employer as it is very visible and inexpensive for smaller employers to use in posting their vacancies.
  • Craigslist also provides a vast range of jobs which are beyond the professional office jobs that usually dominate the majority of job boards. This includes opportunities such as those of retail, construction, transportation, and many more.

In case you happen to be in the market searching for new employment, Craigslist is the perfect resource. It first assists you to know your way around because it works quite differently from other job hunting websites.

Finding Jobs in Craigslist

When great care is taken, Craigslist is an extremely useful tool for job hunting. It offers different ways of finding jobs – by category, by location, and by keyword.

Craigslist’s Jobs Section

At the top right center of Craigslist’s home page, there is the column heading labelled “jobs.” These jobs are well organized in about 31 categories. There is also a category of “[part-time]” located just below the jobs heading.

People posting jobs do not always post them in the best category, and you, therefore, need to check out the listings with a very open mind. You can also use the option of “search” Craigslist to look for a specific kind of work or job title.

Locating the “Gigs” Section

Are you looking for a short-term job? You can always find the “gigs” just below the jobs categories which are listed on the home page. Like with the other Craigslist sections, the gigs are usually in chronological reverse order with the most recent jobs at the top.

“Gigs” are usually short-term jobs with both full-time or part-time options. Craigslist usually organizes Gigs into 8 sub-categories ranging from “computer” to “writing” and they are presented in reverse chronological order.

In most locations, it is usually very interesting to browse through the gigs. They are good ways of filling the gap between “real” jobs while generating a source of income and showing employers you are serious about working.

At times, gigs can transition into “permanent” jobs, and the intention could be stated in the job posting. They can be good ways of testing new careers and transition into a new industry or field.

For job hunters of all kinds, Craigslist has now become the go-to place for online job hunting. This is because the platform makes it easy for people to find almost everything they need – from upper management positions to a part-time gig for babysitting. It offers an effective means of finding a variety of employment opportunities, especially if you do complement your search on Craigslist with marketing tools like an online portfolio or LinkedIn profile. While Craigslist tries to remain organized, you need to spend some time searching through dozens of ads, and you definitely need to play it safe.

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