How to Boost Your Internet Connection at Home

Boost Your Internet Connection at Home

More often than not, your home internet’s speed doesn’t give you the optimal speed that it promises. For instance, if your plan promises 20 mbps, it usually only gives 15 mbps or even lower. This depends on many factors that could affect the speed such as signal strength and fluctuation. Check my favorite website for latest tips to improve internet speed for your connection. Fortunately, there are some ways to speed up your internet speed so that you can fully optimize your plan.

Put Your Router in an Open Area

Your router and router set up is extremely important because your router relies on signal strength to work. If your router isn’t placed in an open area, then your signal will be blocked. If your signal is blocked, then obviously, your Wi-Fi won’t be as fast.

Keep Away from Metal

Aside from stationing it in an open area, you’ll also want to keep your router away from metal appliances. Metal is known to block off signal, so you’d best put your router in an area without any of that.

Make Sure Your Router Has a Password

This is one of the biggest issues that most people have with their Wi-Fi – bandwidth thieves. There are a lot of people in the neighborhood who try to leech off Wi-Fi that doesn’t have security settings. So the first thing that you have to do is set up a password so that they won’t get in.

Change Your Password Regularly

Even if you set up a strong password, there are those who are skillful in force hacking their way into your Wi-Fi, so it helps if you regularly change your password like every 2 weeks or so. This way, you’ll be keeping the brute hackers on their toes and they’ll eventually give up.

Buy a Repeater

If your computer is quite far from your router, then you can expect to have slower Wi-Fi as compared to the devices that are nearer. To solve that, you can buy a Wi-Fi repeater. This device hogs signal to the repeater and transfers it to the area where you’re at. Just find an outlet in your house and plug it in.

Upgrade Your Router

Usually, older routers won’t be able to give the same internet strength that the newer routers can. So if your router is pretty old already, then you should consider buying a new one. Usually, the internet providers would offer router upgrades with your plan. You can also buy a new model at the computer store.

Cover Your Router’s Antenna with a Beer Can

This may seem like an old wive’s tale, but a lot of people swear by it. Basically, you cut the top and bottom parts of a beer can and put it around the router’s antenna. This is said to reflect the signal all around the can and project the signal further so that it can reach all areas of your home.

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough internet speed for what you pay for? Then you need to find ways to really boost your internet speed at home. Fortunately, these ways can do that for you. Try them out and see which one works best.

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