Gaming PC Doesn’t Need To Be More Costly Than Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles

One of the dilemmas for a gamer is to choose what gaming unit to buy: will it be a gaming PC or a gaming console? If you haven’t observed like this website, the top 2 gaming consoles release their newest creations almost at the same period. This is simply because of competition but for PC gaming, the components are constantly evolving.

It’s hard to choose when you are focusing on the gaming experience. How about you take a step back and let’s see a larger perspective whether you need a gaming PC or a gaming console. We will compare the two in the most financially practical sense.

Difference In Hardware

A gaming console is such beastly hardware. Plugin into a 4k monitor and you will be enjoying any game you purchased at its maximum settings. Whether it is the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, they are guaranteed to perform at its peak while handling the heat.

On the other hand, a PC is composed of different components that are needed to be compatible together. If one component has a lower capacity than the other, the quality will suffer. And for that situation, adjustability is its advantage.

You can purchase the latest video card, granted that it is compatible with your processor and motherboard, and play a PC version of the game with more details, smoother performance, and better satisfaction than its console counterpart. The console cannot be upgraded furthermore in terms of hardware.

However, the PC upgrades may cost more than a single gaming console. Plus, they even need a great cooling system in order to attain the maximum settings for gameplay. Fortunately, there are situations wherein a PC doesn’t need to cost more than a gaming console.


Let’s say you have a 500-dollar gaming console and a 400-dollar laptop for office and other non-gaming purposes. Isn’t it better to purchase a 600-dollar PC gaming set-up and a 300-dollar netbook?

It may be better because a gaming PC can handle not just the same games being played in the gaming console, but also other purposes like animation, project designs, and video editing. And who needs a 400-dollar laptop when the most you can do with it is making office-related work since it is not upgradeable, right?

Cost Of Games

Another money-saving situation is that you own a PC in the first place. With a few upgrades and a couple of hundreds of dollars, you have transformed it into a gaming PC that could last for generations. While for a gaming console, you need to wait for the manufacturer’s release of a new one to enjoy more highly resource-demanding games.

Additionally, games that are best played in multiplayer mode have many unexpected expenses required in a gaming console in order to be fully enjoyed. For PC gaming, almost all multiplayer games are free-to-play.

Beyond Graphics

A misconception that must be changed is that you always need a better graphics card to enjoy the game. It is undeniable that the more performing the graphics card, the better graphics you get but it becomes more expensive too.

If you want to match the overall performance of the gaming console, you can just strategize what will be the specifications of your processor, motherboard, RAM, and graphics card. It may take a bit more familiarity with computer hardware but you will be surprised that you can achieve the same gaming experience to a gaming console with just a mid-tier graphics card on a PC.


The amount of games you can enjoy is only limited to how much time you have. You may have a gaming PC that is twice the capability and 4 times the cost of the latest gaming console, but the maximum requirements of the games on PC and console versions are not that big of a gap and the gameplays and progressions are similar. Financial practicality and familiarity with the PC components are necessary so that you don’t have to expend more money than needed.

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