VPNs Explained and Why it is Not Just for Your Computers Anymore

Computers Anymore

A Virtual Private Network, otherwise known as a VPN, helps establish a secure connection between its users and the internet. Many people and businesses choose to subscribe to torguard and because all information within the VPN is encrypted and secure. When using VPNs, a computer’s IP Address and location will not be easily located by hackers or cybercriminals.

Furthermore, using VPNs will also give users the capability to access websites that are not usually accessible within a Local Area Network or Wide Area Network. VPNs will assign a different IP address to you so that your internet tracks will be untraceable, giving users the freedom to access any website. This freedom that VPN users have is the reason VPNs are not just for computers anymore.

Why use a VPN on your mobile phones?

Today, mobile computing has significantly changed the way we work and the way we finish our tasks. The pandemic has brought many changes, and to cope with these changes, we would have to find ways to adapt and function like what we used to. With that, many people are working remotely using their laptops and their mobile phones.

Today, many mobile phones are capable of doing what desktops and laptops can do, which is the primary reason VPNs are also needed for mobile phones. At times, mobile phones are more comfortable to configure, and they can easily connect through VPNs. Connectivity is sometimes an issue for desktop and laptop users, especially for Wi-Fi connection. The advantage of using a mobile phone is that it can function well even if it is wireless. Given that advantage, mobile phone users can be more productive using VPNs.

Benefits of using VPNs on your mobile device

Stable internet connectivity

Our mobile phones are now a part of our routine. We use our mobile phones every day, and almost everything we do is correlated to our mobile phone. Video calls, chats, shopping, work, and many more. A VPN will provide a stable and fast connection while you send personal information to a recipient. You will never have to worry about an unstable internet connection.


Not many know that Wi-Fi’s that require password can still be hacked easily, especially if you are connected to a public Wi-Fi. Using VPNs will ensure that confidential information will be invisible; it is almost impossible for this encrypted information to be decoded.

Virus Protection

Many VPN apps for mobile phones come with Virus Protection. This feature is optional, but it is also nice to have an antivirus installed on your mobile phones. You might not notice that links that you in click or sites that you visit outside your VPN are malware or virus that may affect your phone’s performance. Early detection is the best way to prevent this malware from harming your files and your device.


Given these benefits of using VPNs, using it proves to be advantageous for your part. But the key is finding a reliable VPN that you can use. There are many VPN providers in the market, but make sure to use one suitable depending on your needs.

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