Web Technologies for Every Web Developer in 2020

Every Web Developer

Web development is evolving with new techniques and a set of rules being developed every day. If you are a website developer or someone who’s running a website, you must visit website to understand these changes. These new web technologies will help you achieve your goal of having a website that looks and functions according to your wish.

Website or app development is done through three main programming languages: CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It may sound complicated, but once you understand web technology and how it works, the whole process will be significantly easy.

Here are all the information you need to know about web technology. It consists of the introduction basics of web technology and the latest technological innovations.

Introduction to Web Technology

Web technology is made of multimedia packages and markup languages that are used by computers to communicate. Computers can’t communicate with each other like humans; therefore, they use codes to communicate.


They are used to request information and to present it in a manner that the user can understand. They are basically web interpreters. They include:

  • Safari – The main web browser from Apple
  • Google Chrome – Arguably the most popular browser from Google
  • Firefox – This browser is open-source from the Mozilla Foundation
  • Internet Explorer – This browser was developed by Microsoft


You should learn HTML first. HTML helps web browsers understand and know what to show when a user requests something. You will understand how HTML works better if you also learn CSS.

CSS is short for cascading style sheets, and it describes the elements of HTML and how they are displayed on the screen. By learning CSS, you will understand concepts such as image hover effects, page transitions, CSS text effects, and many more.

Frameworks in Web Development

Web development has frameworks that are the starting points of web development. A developer should use these frameworks to avoid doing mundane tasks and instead do the right thing. These frameworks include:


Currently the latest web technology designed specifically to develop dynamic applications. You can use it to create front-end applications without having to use other plugins or frameworks. It has well-made templates, code generation and splitting features, and MVC architecture.

Ruby on Rails

This web technology makes app development faster and easier. The codes can be reused which makes it unique from other frameworks.


This is a framework that is open-sourced and designed in PHP5. It has great tools that are used for app testing and debugging, and it is specifically designed to optimize performance. It is simple to use as well.

Meteor JS

This framework enables developers to create web applications for several different platforms. It is based on JavaScript language and is ideal for use when creating simple websites such as personal websites for personal use.

Final Thoughts

Web development has undergone a revolution over the years. New web technologies are being invented every day. Hopefully, the list above can help you keep up with the changes.

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