Tips for Uploading Photos to Instagram from Your PC

Instagram from Your PC

In case you didn’t know, Instagram makes it surprisingly quite hard to upload your photos from a desktop computer same as to view someone’s private Instagram profile. You can’t upload using Instagram’s website and even from the official Windows 10 app too. For Apple users, there’s no Instagram app available for the macOS either.

However, this can be very handy if you took photos using your expensive DSLR cameras instead of your phone or want to edit your photos using a robust photo editing software on your computer instead of simple photo editors on your phone.

That said, here are some useful tips to help you upload photos to Instagram from your desktop PC:

Use BlueStacks App Player

You can use Android app emulators such as BlueStacks to access the Instagram app on your PC. This will enable you to upload photos to your Instagram profile directly from your desktop with zero hassle. Here’s how:

  • Download BlueStacks from their official website and install it. Wait for a few minutes while the engine is loading and starting up for the first time. If you want, you can dismiss the tutorial on how to use the program by clicking the cross at the top right.
  • After that, click Continue then log in to your Google account, review the terms of service provided, and press OK.
  • Next, if you don’t plan to use BlueStacks for anything else besides Instagram, you can feel free to uncheck the checkboxes. Click the next arrow and enter your name.
  • Search for the Instagram app in the Google Play Store, then download and install it. After a few minutes, Instagram will appear under the My Apps tab in BlueStacks. Click it once to launch it.

Once installed and logged in, you can now upload all the photos you need from your PC straight to your profile.

Use HopperHQ

HopperHQ is another great method of uploading photos to Instagram from your desktop. You can choose between posting your photos instantly or scheduling your posts for later dates. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Make an account and log in to your dashboard. After this, you will be presented with all your currently scheduled posts with dates ordered according to when they will be published.
  • Clicking “Create Posts” on the top left corner will take you to a window where you can upload up to 50 photos or videos all at once. You can also upload from your device or other means such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Photos, URLs, and even web search. This ability to cloud-share is great especially for collaborative works with other people on Instagram.
  • If the dimension of your photo isn’t suited for Instagram, HopperHQ will notify you and take you straight to the photo editor, a very handy feature that saves you time and headaches.
  • HopperHQ’s photo editor offers pre-made dimensions for convenience and other features for editing photos.
  • Once you’ve finished with your edits, you can write captions for your uploads and hashtags as well.
  • You can then post or schedule your posts at a later date.


There are numerous methods of uploading Instagram photos from your PC, but these two are by far the best ones available out there. Do take note that HopperHQ has a subscription model while BlueStacks is completely free. If you want useful features to help manage your Instagram profile, then HopperHQ is a no brainer.

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