What You Need to Consider When Setting Up Call Centers

Call Centers

Setting up call centers is usually an investment that requires both money and time. If you want to build an effective call center, then you’ll have to understand that this will need quality analyst and a little more planning. If you don’t plan properly, there’s a high chance of finding yourself in very difficult situations along the way.

That said, you want to set aside some time for strategizing to avoid having to put out fires down the stretch. Here’s a brief guide on how you can go about all this.

Setting a Budget

You need to know how much you have at your disposal for the call center before making any decisions. The funds available are what will determine the quality and number of team members you can bring onboard and the types of tools and software you can use. Avoid thinking of call centers as money drains. If you’re savvy and careful with your initial setup, a call center can prove to be an invaluable tool for business growth and customer satisfaction.

Defining KPIs and Establishing Goals

Define your call center objectives early on. Your KPIs will be determined by what you intend on focusing on (customer support, lead generation, cold-calling, etc.). Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the quantitative measurement of the quality of service, speed, and efficiency of your call center.

They’ll let you in on how individual agents and the team perform as a whole. This will allow you to make decisions that are data-driven, thus helping you increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Software and Tools

In order for your call center to perform at optimal levels, you need to provide your team members with the right tools. Some of the areas you need to plan for carefully, as far as picking tools is concerned, are:

  • Business Phone Systems – you can’t have a call center without a phone system. It’s the key tool in your arsenal. You’ll need to decide on whether you’ll want a virtual or onsite solution. Potential for expansion, internet connectivity strength, and your team size can help determine this for you.
  • Internal Communication Systems – your team members will have to communicate with each other to work collaboratively as well as conserve effort and time. There are many tools available to you that can help make this happen. Choose the systems and tools that best suit you and your team.

Recruiting a Team

All call centers need agents to man different call stations. At the center of the organization should be your team. From the get-go, you need to know how many agents you’ll need for your call center to function properly. This will help when it comes to budgeting for both resources and space. Also, having a selective recruitment process in this field is always a good idea if you want staff that’ll stay with you in the long run.


One last thing: let other departments know when you establish a new call center. This will smoothen out the incorporation process. With that said, hopefully, you now have an idea of what you need when setting up a call center.

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