Human Resource Information system (HRIS)

Human Resource Information system

A Hrms software Singapore can be said to be an intersection of information technology and human resources through HR software. This system helps in storing managing and processing employee’s data, such as information about dependents, work permit information, names, social security information, addresses, and visa.

It also performs some HR activities such as applicant tracking, performance appraisal, benefits administration, and recruiting. It may also have features such as accounting functions and employee self-service.

Benefits of HRIS

The systems help the HR department to spend less time handling clerical tasks. It also ensures that employee plays a considerable role in managing information and that their data is accurate. Having HRIS ensure that data is not stored in paper files. The systems provide various reports and analyses on essential subjects such as turnover and headcount.

When the HRIS system has a manager or employee’s self-service, the process of making changes on data becomes easy and more efficient.

HRIS Security and Privacy

HRIS system is also useful in ensuring that employee’s information is secure and private. When using spreadsheets or paper forms, data can be easily accessed by people who may not have the authority to do so. Data privacy and security is critical when handling sensitive personal information globally.

Types of HRIS Software

There are various types of HRIS systems aiming at different customers. This customer may be small, medium-sized, and large enterprises. The difference is usually the depth of features in each process.

Most of HRIS systems have a large portion of processes. However, most HRIS systems for small and medium-sized enterprises have less depth of functionality in each process as compared to those of large enterprises.

Some primary functions carried out by HRIS

It offers managers and employees self-service

It ensures proper management of data

It assists in organizational management, such as in departments and positions.

It provides reports and analysis of some critical issues in the organization.

It also assists in applicant tracking and recruiting

It helps in carrying out performance appraisal

How important is HRIS

HRIS assists in ensuring compliance. For example, in the U.S, the systems are used to store data concerning equal employment opportunity information.

It ensures that there is an integration of systems used to store employee’s data.

It also ensures the accuracy of information

Information can be easily accessed retrieved

The difference Between HRIS and HRMS

There is a vast difference between human resource management systems (HRMS) and HRIS. Most experts think that HRMS function better than HRIS because they have an addition of human capital management and talent management to human resource information systems.

HRIS Analysts

HR analysists happen to be professionals with knowledge in HR and IT. They manage the HRIS systems while  also providing essential data concerning employee attendance, pay, and training. HRIS analysts also makes sure that IT experts adhere to HR regulations. They also provide employees with the necessary resources. Large enterprises employ many HRIS analysts, with each one being assigned a particular task.

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