A Comprehensive Guide to Quickly Type Special Characters on Any Smart Device

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We are accustomed to typing the common A-Z letters, typical characters and 1-10 numbers on our smart devices. However, there are so many online special characters like danh tieng viet that may be needed in certain circumstances. These special characters are rarely used but may be necessary to bring out the accuracy of a text.

Examples of special characters include; the copyright sign ©, currency signs, for instance, € and many others. Inserting them will need you to look deep in your keyboard to use them. Let us make it easy for you to access these characters;

On your android device

All manufacturers of android default keyboards make them in which they support special characters. The android keyboard app supports unique character features. However, in some cases, you need to activate this feature.

To type any special character, you need to long-press an alphabet on the keyboard. After a second or two, every special character relating to the alphabet will be visible above. Kindly note when the special characters appear after long-pressing, you will have to slide your finger to choose the character you desire.

If you mistakenly select the wrong character, tap on the delete key to erase. Then repeat the above process.

On an Ios device

You will follow a process similar to that of an android device to type special characters.  By typing and long-pressing a character or alphabet, the characters will be available. All you have to do is slide across the available options.

In windows

Unlike with Ios and android devices, special characters for windows is not found on the keyboard. On the brighter side, windows offer an extensive list of characters, which can be accessed in different ways.

To see the entire list, on your Windows device, go to the search bar, and type “charmap” or “character map”.  Alternatively,  you can simultaneously type “windows+R”.  The search option will come up, and you can type charmap to see the character map.

Once the character map shows up, there will be hundreds of characters visible. If you wish, you can change the character fonts, or even access more characters. Once you find the character, you want to use, double click it, or drag and drop it to your document.

Note that by double-clicking it, you will have copied it. Therefore, you can paste it anywhere. If you are likely to use the character frequently, we recommend copy-pasting it.

There is a third option which is using the code for the unique character. To get the code, click on the character and the code will appear at the bottom of the charmap window. When the code appears, long-hold the “alt” then type the code.  You must type the code using the numeric keypad. After typing the code, and releasing the “Alt” key, your preferred character will show automatically.

With this option, you might need to memorize the code of the character you often use. In case you fail to identify the character you would like to use, try this;

  • Try typing the name of your desired character
  • Click on the search button
  • Click on the character

Now, you already have an idea of how to use online special characters on your android, ios, and even Windows devices. Practice using them so that you will get accustomed to it as well.

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