The Best Dedicated Game Server Hosting Provider this 2019

Game Server Hosting Provider

In these modern times, the rapid progress of technology is certainly undeniable. Consequently, the invention of modern gadgets and equipment have bloomed over the last decade. From blog post, we found that computer engineers have invented a network called a dedicated server. A dedicated server is simply just a single computer within a network which is reserved to serve the needs of a network.  Within the Web Hosting industry, dedicated servers are just rented service. Users typically rent the internet connection, software and the server from the Web Host. Below are top 3 of the best dedicated server you can choose this 2019.


Hostgator is one of the most popular companies when you talk about dedicated servers. This server has proven countless times their reliability and their budget wise packages that their customers can choose from. They have three available plans; you can avail the most inexpensive plan at $189$/month, Power plan at $249/month and Enterprise plan at $289/month. Most customers choose hostgator because of their almost a 100% unmetered bandwith.

Hostgator had been present in the market for greater than 10 years and had earned the respect of all customers they had served. Hostgator’s servers are mostly hosted in the US within the United States held in a Tier 3 data center. You can also choose from a semi-managed or a totally managed plan. This dedicated server’s price is a little bit higher among other dedicated servers out there but it will suffice as they surely are the best among all others.


Bluehost like Hostgator is a reliable dedicated server. You can also avail a VPS hosting option from this server at $29.99-$119.99/month, Shared hosting at $3.95-$23.99/month, and Cloud hosting at $9.99-$25.99/month.

Bluehost have three priced plans that you can choose from:

Standard plan-with a price of $79.99/month for new users but normally at $119.99/month.

Enhanced plan- This is the best-selling plan from BlueHost, price range is from $99.99/month for new users and normally at $159.99/month.

Premium Plan- priced at $119.00/month for new users and normally at $209.99/month.

BlueHost is also known for their enhanced cPanel which allows users to gain greater control and increase the storage space without having the need to contact their technical support team. Users also gain root access to their server and are completely isolated among all servers.


Unlike other dedicated servers, Inmotion Hosting packages all contains SSD without additional cost. This feature is a cheaper option than other plans offered by other dedicated servers at $105.69/month when you availed a special offer instead of their regular rate at $189.99/month.

Inmotion offers 6 plans to offer their customers with a wide variety of choices or upgrades.  Essential plan which is priced at $189.99/month, Advanced plan (best seller) at $166.59/month if it’s a promo but normally at $219.99/month, and lastly, Elite plan which is priced at $238.99/month for promos and normally at $299.99/month. These are just 3 of the 6 plans InMotion offers. If you want to know a more detailed description, just visit their website at

Setting up their servers are usually free of charge but usually it is priced at $99. Lifetime discounts can also be availed in this dedicated server so users can save money depending on how long they use InMotion.

InMotion also offers a 24-hour technical support team, high-end reliability, speed and security along with a DDoS protection.

Choosing the best dedicated server is essential to maintain a safe and secure web hosting business. With the right price, a lot of excellent dedicated servers can let you choose the best server that suits you best.

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