Top Smart Ceiling Fans You Can Install at Home

Ceiling fans are electrically powered mechanical fans hanged on the ceiling of a room with the sole aim of using its rotating paddles to circulate air in the room. They ensure there is quality fresh air in the room.

Smart ceiling fans are not just ceiling fans. Fans built by SPIN PTE LTD’s website are technologically advanced ceiling fans that are capable of detecting temperature changes in a room and starts rotating automatically to make the air fresh. The smart thermostat feature in them means that they don’t need to be switched so as to start rotating. Smart ceiling fans are remotely controlled and can even be programmed to switch depending on the room temperatures and time of the day.

The 5 Best Rated Smart Ceiling Fans

The following are the best rated smart ceiling fans by consumers in 2018:

The Haiku Ceiling Fans

Haiku ceiling fans are rated as the best set of modern ceiling fans. They are designed with modern stylish elegance, thus awarding them seventy-five international awards. They are characterized by LED lightings, remote controlled switch, and a smart thermostat. Haiku ceiling fans are of three series, namely:

  • L-series.
  • H-series.
  • I-series.

Every series of the Haiku ceiling fan has its own size and stylish finishing design.

The Hunter Ceiling Fans

Hunter ceiling fans are WIFI enabled and Apple HomeKit-enabled; hence, it can be operated by any smartphone. The home automated smart ceiling fans are of three types – Apache, Symphony, and Signal. These three types have same features but only differ on their stylish finishing and appearances. Apart from having a wireless control, the Hunter ceiling fan has two 9.8 watts lighting bulbs and a smart reversible motor.

The Bond Ceiling Fans

The Bond ceiling fan has a remote controller for its operations; hence, you can enjoy controlling the breeze from anywhere in the room. The ceiling fans are equipped with WIFI functioning and have the ability to rebroadcast both IR and RF signals. Therefore, you can use your smartphones to switch the fans and the lighting that comes with it.

The Minka-Air ceiling fans

The most notable feature of Minka-Air ceiling fan is its voice-controlled function through Alexa.  It is also remotely controlled in case you feel like not using the voice control feature. The brightness of its lightings can be reset to any level that suits you. The fans work quietly without any disturbances.

The GE ceiling fans

The GE ceiling fans are wirelessly controlled. You can also control the speeding of the fan using your smartphone or computer. The fans have voice control in case you don’t feel like using the temperature automated trigger.

Therefore, smart ceiling fans are almost a basic entity that you require in your home or office. They are cheap to buy and easy to install. Moreover, they don’t have a high consumption of energy, thus lowering your electricity monthly bills. With these pros, you will have an indoor controlled climate that will keep your monthly electricity bills down for your house or office.

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