Best security methods for commercial spaces

commercial spaces

Commercial places such as medical centers, malls, farms, warehouses, hotels, high-rise housing buildings and retail shops tend to have many strangers walking in and out. They are highly prone to theft, terrorist attacks, cyber-attacks, and frequent fire outbreaks. For this reason, there is a need for tight security measures either by using physical presence of security officers. We have recently heard of hotel attacks such as that at Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas that left 58 people dead and more than a thousand injured due to lack of proper security. However, there are many ways in which security can be enhanced in commercial places.

Installation of surveillance cameras

Property owners should always ensure that their buildings are safe and secure from any form of interference or felony. One of the measures they can undertake is by installing surveillance cameras such as CCTVs in their buildings. The Camera’s should cover places such as exits, entry points and other common places that are prone to attacks. Apart from the CCTV installation, they need to be observed frequently to avoid displaying erroneous security.

Installation of access control security cards

Another great security measure is to limit access to certain areas to the staff alone. You can make use of access security cards in this case. This keeps away intruders as the card displays a record of who goes in and out of the commercial building. Even more, when a card is lost, it can easily be cancelled and then replaced with a new one. Commercial owners don’t also have to worry about new people occupying the building as they can be assigned their own new security cards with passwords of their own choice. Moreover, if an intruder tries to access the building with a stolen or fake card, they are denied access and a sensor alarm alerts people in the building of false entry.

Researching their neighborhood

Even the surrounding area of your premise should be verified background check. This will help you know the security situation surrounding your building, occupants, and clients. Take note of neglected buildings, shroud streetlamps, strange dark alleys, unoccupied lots and confederate buildings that can be subject to terrorist choice. This way, you can also know what kind of security your neighbors have installed and come up with ideas to install different and effective security measures that are as effective or even better.

Access your management and install protective building materials.

Business people should ensure that their managers are well trained in enhancing security in their buildings. The managers should supervise the commercial areas to ensure that routes such as evacuations are well marked, well lit, and clear. Furthermore, they should make use of natural light during the day or install tornado and hurricane resistant materials such as airborne glass shards. These will minimize the effects and damages of such unseen calamities.


Security in commercial places is an important aspect for the protection of people and the entire business. Good security can protect your business and its reputation.

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