How the August Secured My Smart Apartment

How The August Secured My Smart Apartment

Living away from home is both exciting and scary. That would mean having to secure the apartment yourself or have a smart companion. So, it would be absolutely right to have a smart security. August security has been available in the market, and it was totally awesome to have it secure my home away from home. Here is how the August secured my smart apartment.

Beneath the surface.

One great thing about August is that you can have it installed, without your landlord noticing such. It is installed from the inside, so the landlord may see that his lock is still there, but beneath the surface lies your August. You can be safe with your landlord’s suspicions and have your apartment secured as well. With this, you do not even have to use a key to enter into your room. You just need a tap in your smartphone, and welcome home!


Have you ever experienced forgetting to lock your apartment after leaving? With August, you can be sure to have your home secured. August has an auto-lock feature that automatically locks your door if you have left it open for a minute or so, and you can also set the timer for this feature, no pressure!


With auto-lock, comes an auto-unlock. You can set the time of the week when August is supposed to unlock your door. This comes in handy when you have laundry services to fetch or deliver clothes to your apartment, without you having to be there physically. This totally saves time and energy.

These features pave the way for August to secure my smart apartment. It is totally convenient to use and absolutely compatible to my smart phone and smart home!

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